The "Stop Winnifrith" Campaign

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who have sent me messages of support; it would seem that Mr Winnifrith has upset a large number of people. I have also been urged by several people to set up a donations facility on the website, so that they can assist with legal costs in the multiple legal actions being prepared against Mr Winnifrith and ShareProphets. I have therefore set up a facility as requested and anyone wishing to donate can do so publicly or anonymously at their option.  


In the event that money is received it will only be used to pay legal costs where Mr Winnifrith and/or ShareProphets is a defendant. In addition to actions referred to in the Tortious Interference Report and elsewhere on this website in relation to Mr Winnifrith, we will also be willing to consider helping anyone else who has a legitimate grievance against him. 


No money will be drawn down from gofundme except against solicitor invoices that are first published on this website, and which relate specially to action against Mr Winnifrith or ShareProphets. 


The name of the campaign is simply "Stop Winnifrith" and can be found here


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